I had a fairly quiet year (NOT). Here are a few events that stick in my mind...


Oct '00:

Sell home.

Ship belongings to US.

Resign from European Manager position.

Return car.

Holiday in St Lucia.

Farewell party.

Leave country and emigrate to US (without visa) enduring longest, most bittersweet flight in the world.

Move in with fiancé.

Start new job.

Day after arrive in US travel to Palm Springs for 1 week work convention.



Nov '00:                       

Learn to drive on other side of road.

Learn to drive a massive truck.

Crash into neighbour's car.

Issued fine and points by police.

Experience my first earthquake.

Visa approved, briefed by lawyers regarding "what to say".

Travel back to UK for 1 week (with 4 days notice) to collect visa.

Leave passport at embassy and wait 1 week for it's return.

Return to US with visa.

Try and find venue for wedding & wedding co-ordinator - book both.

Suffer extreme homesickness.


Dec '00:                       

"Create" guest room.

UK visitors (Dad & Mavis) for 1 week.

Choose paint colours for house.

Spend Xmas in UK with Bill and Carlotta.

Travel to Scotland for Hogmanay - after 6 hour delay at airport, cancelled flight, and finally by 7 hour journey in minibus.

Research skiing trip for Feb.


Jan '00:                       

Return to US.

Have house painted.      

Manage to get Social Security Card.

UK Visitor (Rete) just for a few days.

Spend 1 week in Palm Springs at work convention.

UK Visitors (Mum & Gordon) for 1 week.             

Celebrate 29th Birthday.

Get Karaoke machine.

Bill builds IKEA bedroom furniture.

Rearrange living room, office and bedrooms.

Shipped belongings finally arrive.

Book hotel for wedding.

Shop for wedding dress.


Feb '01:                       

UK Visitors (Julie, Andy, Emma) for 1 week.

Long weekend skiing to Mammoth.

Extend to 5 day trip after breaking down in Lone Pine and having to be picked up by friend and squeeze 6 people plus skiing luggage in Ford Explorer for 4 hour return journey.

1 week later Bill returned to Lone Pine to collect truck.

Study for and take written Driving Test, pass test, get temporary License.

Meet hundreds of wedding-related vendors and book the one's we like.


Mar ' 01:          

Buy new car.    

Buy Dining Room table & chairs.

Lodger arrives for short stay (approx. 2 weeks).

Start marriage counseling (not actually married but hey, best be prepared).

Paint Dining Room myself.


Apr '01:

Lodger stays all month              

Bill's Dad stays for weekend.

Meet Bill's Aunt & Grandparents - spend afternoon at church craft event.

Attend Conference in San Diego for a few days.

Bill's family visit for a few days.

Get sunstroke planting flowers.

Take Driving Test, pass test, get California Driving License.

Spend weekend in Las Vegas & see Tom Jones.


May '01:

Lodger finally leaves.

UK Visitors (Mum & Gordon) for 1 week. 

Sample restaurants for rehearsal dinner.

"Register" at Macys.

Get promoted at work.

UK Visitors (Carol & Victoria) for 1 week.


Jun '01:                       

Get sunburnt on sunbed.

Build patio furniture in "spare time".

Visit Sacramento for weekend.

Write envelopes for wedding (v. tiresome).

UK Visitors (3 friends) for 5 days.


July '01:          

Engagement photos taken.

Wedding Planning Frenzy.


Aug '01:

Bill's birthday.

Attended "Couples Shower".                  

50 guest from UK to entertain (gulp).

BBQ for 60 people.

Rehearsal dinner for 40 people.

Wedding (140 guests).

Now "Mrs Taylor".


Sept '01:          

Honeymoon; extended due to Sept 11th.  Extra 3 days in Paradise.

Stranded guests stay an extra week.

Have bathroom remodeled.

Look for a house.

Find a house.

Buy a house.

Put our house on the market.

Sell house in 5 days.

Go back to Uni, 2 nights a week.


Oct '01:

Get a cold (hmm...wonder why)  


(NB: ONGOING: Worked Mon - Fri.  Went to gym at 5.30am at least 3 days per week, Feb - Aug. Tried to make friends and fit in.)    


So, when people are amazed that I haven't spent anytime on the beach, they really shouldn't be!!!!! Perhaps I'll just hand them this list!